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Mission Statement

Our MISSION is simple. We are here to provide our guests with a first class safari adventure while exploring and learning about the Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem.

Wyo Safari Company 

Locally owned and operated. Our guide is a Wyoming native with over twenty years field experience. As you travel with us, you will experience our love and passion for this unique wild land.

Guide Biography

Ginny Thompson is our owner/guide. She is a Wyoming native, growing up in Cody and Jackson. Living and learning in the mountains, Ginny was fortunate to develop a passion for the outdoors, adventure, wildlife and photography.
*Complete resume available on request.

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Guest Comments

Fantastic wildlife viewing. Exceptional Bull Moose experience. Look forward to coming back next year.

-Corey & Holly Clayton, Lehi, Utah – September 2019

Do not miss this safari/learning adventure!! Way beyond our expectations!!    5-Star  *****
-Bill & Erin Kern, Shanghi, China – July 2018

We spent two days exploring, learning and photographing Grand Teton National Park with Wyo Safari Company. Our guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Her in-depth understanding and love for the Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem and Grand Teton was evident throughout our adventure. Everyone from 9 to 70 years old had an amazing experience. Do not miss this opportunity.
-Cache, Carol & John Garcia, Sheridan, Wyoming – May 2018

Excellent Safari / Photographic adventure. Especially enjoyed the one-on-one experience with Wyo Safari Company. Attention to detail, our comfort, and safety were first class. Ginny is an amazing teacher and guide.
-Jacque & Gib Oswald, Las Vegas, Nevada – Fall 2017

Legacy project

Wyo Safari Company was founded on passion for people, wildlife, conservation/preservation of the uniqueness of the Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem within Wyoming. As Wyoming natives, we have been fortunate to know and love the places we visit!! Our mission is to intimately share this spectacular EcoSystem we call home. Join us on our journey to experience the wilds of Grand Teton National Park and the Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem.

The definition of “Legacy”, in reference to our vision is a call for personal "ACTION" as a result of participation in a learning event, experience, safari, opportunity and/or educational training.

We encourage your individual commitment upon completion of this safari adventure to enhance stewardship, conservation, and protection of this unique ecosystem for present and future generation by "ACTION" when you return home.

Suggested "ACTION"

-Donations to conservation organization, local, state, and/or world organization that promote stewardship and
  preservation for future generations

-Volunteering in National Park or State Park for a day

-Develop a presentation / event in your home area that promotes conservation, stewardship, and educational information

-Sponsor local clean up, recycle, and/or community betterment event

-Join organizations and/or alliances who support stewardship and conservation for the future